We all change. Seasons, ageing, injuries and trauma, new responsibilities, parenting, break-ups and all sorts of life events will make us feel different. Whatever the changes you’re going through, Yoga can help you feel better in your own skin and really find yourself. You need to try it to feel the best of changes. 

Embrace your True Revolution.

Find yourself with Yoga!

Hatha Yoga

A strong practice which focuses on alignment and breath control. The union of the opposites and the quest for balance. Hatha can be static or flowed.

Yin Yoga

A slow-paced style of yoga which targets deep tissues and energy centres of the body. The poses are held for longer and can relieve many tensions, both physical and mental.

Yang Yoga

A dynamic and fast paced yoga inspired by Ashtanga, meant to release energy. A strong workout to create heat in the body and initiate detox

Yoga Nidra

"Yogic sleep", a powerful relaxation which will work deep inside your Autonomous Nervous System and onto your brain waves.
A therapy for the Mind and the body

Bikram (hot) Yoga

The original 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises performed in a set sequence in a hot room over 40°C. Expect to sweat and feel rejuvenated.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A modern and flowy form of yoga which links breath and movement together. Can take the form of Slow Flow or more dynamic practices like Power Yoga​


Yoga for Mums
Its not just prenatal! What Happens after you’ve had your baby? How do you deal with the physical and mental changes? 
Yoga can help you regain your mental focus, lose weight, fight mum’s body issues like incontinence and prolapse, heal your back, improve your sex drive and make new friends


Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200 with Yoga Alliance USA. More than 500 hours of training completed, including Yin yoga, Bikram (hot) yoga and Yoga for pelvic health

Vegan Nutrition Diploma from The Centre Of Excellence

Yoga Nidra Certified with the Independent Yoga Network

Fully insured with Wellbeing Insurance. First Aid trained.