I’m a mum of three from Tooting, South London, a qualified Yoga Teacher and a Vegan Nutritionist.

I used to work as a Journalist, constantly under high pressure and various threats. I felt exposed, never allowed to be “authentic”, always driven by either sensationalism or materialistic concerns. I decided to turn my back to that word and it’s through the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Unattachment that I managed to find who I really was and be truly happy.

Yoga has helped me so much that I decided to share that gift with the world. I took many hours of trainings in order to qualify to pass this priceless knowledge on. I’m now dedicating a great deal of my life to transmitting the blessings of Yoga

In my classes, public or private, I welcome everyone, whatever their backgrounds and needs and I offer to work with movements, breathing techniques or nutrition coaching for affordable rates. »

What My Clients Say About Me

"Aurelie has been so helpful! I got back to exercise safely and had a lot of fun during the sessions. Two thumbs up for the massage after the workout. It really makes a difference. Thank you. "

J Ashton
Student @ Hot Yoga Wimbledon

"Aurelie is a superb teacher and our weekly training sessions leave us with a tremendous sense of well being. "

F. Kane
Private client
"Introducing Aurelie - a truly inspiring yoga teacher who adheres to a yogic lifestyle. Let her lead you through some powerful classes and on a journey to inner calm and peace"
Mojo Studios